Dear faith family,
            The Nominating Committee has been actively and diligently updating the Committee Organizational Manual (COM) this year. It is the belief of the Nominating Committee, along with the staff, that these updates are needed and will help improve the ministry and efficiency of the church. We have highlighted some of the benefits from these updates below.

  1. Assist the Nominating Committee in filling vacancies on administrative committees as well as leaning on the leadership of our called ministerial staff.
One of the biggest challenges the Nominating Committee faces yearly is filling committee and council vacancies. Currently the Nominating Committee is responsible for filling both committees and councils. Under this new structure, it would allow the Nominating Committee to work more efficiently and have a more focused effort on the administrative committees that are responsible for the running of the church.
These updates would also give more decision-making ability to ministerial staff in their respective ministries. The Program Councils will give ministerial staff the ability to seek out those who have a passion for their ministry to provide guidance and assistance in creating programs, discipleship, and evangelism opportunities. Those who serve on these program councils will be chosen by either the ministry directors or ministerial staff and be presented to the Nominating Committee for approval at the beginning of the year.

  1. Provide clear directions to new and potential committee candidates.
These updates will provide clearer references for the purpose, responsibilities, and membership composition of each committee that can be easily provided to potential committee candidates. Along with the simplified manual structure, the candidate will also be provided a Committee Member Commitment Form. This form, along with the committee page, will help spell out the responsibilities, term length, and expectations. The greatest questions’ always asked are “what will I do on this committee? What are my responsibilities? and what does the commitment look like?” We feel as though these updates will help answer these questions and assist in getting the right candidates in the right positions.

  1. Provide a broader voice of church members.
Currently the Committee Organizational Manual allows many positions to remain indefinitely. With the restructuring of the manual, we feel that a wider variety of people will be able to serve and have their voices and ideas represented in the church. One such example is the Missions Committee; these updates will allow more at-large members to make an impact on missions while also providing a rotation that had not been present before.

The Nominating Committee and staff thank you for your confidence in them as they strive to serve First Baptist Church Richmond, KY.

Your faithful servants, the Nominating Committee, and staff!